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Young Peacemakers Project

This project equips children and young people and the adults around them with the awareness and skills to manage playground disputes constructively. Young volunteers train as mediators and provide help to younger children, as part of a broad and supportive cross-school programme of conflict resolution skills training.

‘Its made it a safer place and there aren’t so many arguments because if an argument starts its more likely to get sorted out quicker and we’ve got better lessons because the lessons aren’t taken up by teachers trying to sort out what happened at playtimes and dinnertimes’.                                        Holly, Y6   Arbourthorne

We continue to be inspired by how well this scheme works and each year celebrate the mediators’ voluntary efforts by inviting them to participate in a conference at Sheffield University. Our experience has shown that the scheme works best when the whole school understands and reinforces the approach to conflict resolution. CRESST works with primary school senior leaders, staff, pupils, parents and governors to ensure that all aspects of school life reinforce the school’s approach to resolving conflict constructively and its commitment to reconciliation. CRESST then leaves the school with all the resources and materials they need to continue the scheme in future years.

With CRESST’s help, our 4 most recent Sheffield schools have all attracted external funding to cover the school’s contribution. Please email CRESST for more information.

Since 2003 CRESST have worked with over 63 primary schools in Sheffield and the surrounding area, providing strategies and skills to all members of the school community to empower them to successfully reduce the harm from conflict.Some schools have successfully sustained schemes for 11 years. This year, Wharncliffe Side was runner up in the national Peer Mediation ‘Lighting my Fire’ awards run by LEAP Resolving Conflict.

CRESST undertakes evaluation visits of each school we have worked in and produces a case study demonstrating impact for sharing with Governors, Ofsted and more. Feedback from trainee mediators at our 7 most recent primary schools showed EVERYONE enjoyed the training, EVERYONE was looking forward to being a mediator, all but two said the training had met the aim of preparing them to be mediators and 143 out of 163 said the training had made a difference to them as a person! (163 respondents aged 9 – 11 years, 112 girls 43 boys)

Annual Young Peacemakers Conference

The CRESST annual conference for pupils who have been peer mediators is hugely popular with all our YPP schools.

The next conference is planned for Thursday 17th January 2019

To thank these enthusiastic volunteer peer mediators for their commitment the day provides interactive and fun workshops on co-operative games, conversation café, exploring issues such as gender equality and world peace, and a chance for school mediation coordinators to meet each other and share experiences and challenges.

The day culminates in a performance from Maynard Flipflap, our hilarious supportive clown, finishing the event off with lots of audience involvement and huge laughs from the kids.


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